Limo & Bus Compliance

Our Mission at Limo & Bus Compliance is to make compliance simple.  Limo & Bus Compliance was founded when we realized too many of the DOT experts were really experts in the trucking industry.  Regulations for passengers are different; limo companies are different.  As industry professionals, we are passionate about providing safe, quality customer service in accordance with all regulations.

With the advent of TNC’s, it’s more important than ever for us to set ourselves apart in quality and safety.  We believe that a robust safety and compliance program is a must in today’s litigious environment.  Our goal is to take complex compliance regulations and turn them into simple, easy to implement processes, that allow you to focus on the customer, not the regulations.

Our service starts with our phone and email support; it’s simple, ask a question, get an answer, with the regulations to back it up. We understand the needs of our customers and provide complete packets, easy tracking, and weekly reports so that you know you’re always audit-ready.

Don’t fear the DOT or wonder if you’re compliant.  Let us design a safety and compliance program that gives you the confidence to go wherever the business takes you.